Writing Exercise w/ Writer’s Prompt: “I have something to tell you…” [Note: I occasionally attend a writer’s group with a 20 minute writing exercise]

“I have something to tell you. You thought your father has long since passed away, but he is very much alive. He did have a major heart attack, which should have been fatal. Not too long ago it would have been fatal. Fortunately for him there is a new technology in which a human heart, a real heart, can be manufactured from a 3-D printer. It is a complicated process, but basically human cell tissue is broken down into stem cells. Stem cells can become almost any organ, such as heart, lung, kidney or liver. For some reason cardiac tissue is often more viable than that from other organs.”

” During his coronary your dad’s body was temporarily placed in a cryogenic chamber. He was frozen so that he could later be revived. His damaged heart was surgically removed and replaced with a manufactured replica human heart made from his own cardiac tissue. No stent, no pacemaker or pig valve were necessary. Since his new heart was derived from his own cells there is no need to be concerned about his body rejecting the new heart nor having to take anti-rejection drugs with unpleasant side effects. So your pops is just about as good as new since his body has long since healed and adjusted to his new organ.”

“Hi Sarah”, her father says as the father and shocked daughter embrace for the first time in many years, but soon after her long missing dad appears his loving daughter faints.

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