Writing Prompt: “Why is it so cold?…”

Note: I am now part of a monthly writer’s group that does a 20 minute writing exercise with a writing prompt

Why is it so cold under the pelagic depths? I almost found out the hard way that one needs to wear a wet or dry suit while diving in the deep ocean. The only thing worse than drowning or being attacked by a shark is hypothermia. Also, the bends is another thing you never want to experience. Anyway, a wet or drysuit is as necessary as an extra SCUBA tank or spear gun or shark repellant to deter potentially aggressive marine life (not just sharks) from attacking.

I would hate to have to endure in the briny sea where there is survival of the fittest and natural selection on steroids. Even the most aggressive shark need to be wary of their fellow fish, not to mention orcas. Moral eels are just as unpleasant as they appear. If a moray grabs you it might not ever let go. Contrary to popular belief, supposedly friendly and playful dolphins can be aggressive toward humans in the wild.

Not to say that SCUBA diving or snorkeling are not worthwhile experiences, but one should always be aware that all kinds of diving can be dangerous or even deadly. Sometimes even the most careful dives can go wrong, especially while cave diving. Aggressive and unpredictable lifeforms make things even more treacherous.

There are some places I wouldn’t think twice about swimming, snorkeling or SCUBA diving, but places where seals or other shark food congregate I would go out of my way to stay out of the water. That includes parts of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, even though that area is a popular vacation and beach destination… (tbc?)

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