Poetry: “POTUS # 45”

[POTUS = President of the United States]

POTUS, the joke’s on US / Vote for him we all are screwed / Making useless Union Dues / (To him) All criticism is ‘Fake News’

POTUS’ mind is a cess pot, he admires the world’s worse despots.

For VP he selected Pence & “If it doesn’t make (him) money it doesn’t make sense” / POTUS really Loves his daughter / But couldn’t care less about Clean Air, Land and Water

POTUS can be rather crass / Some would say he’s a Horse’s Ass

Our POTUS has a penchant for Lies / When it comes to wrongdoing it’s Deny, Deny , Deny

Trump has no Integrity or Honor / If he starts a war perhaps we’re all goners.

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