Poetry “Haves vs. Have-Nots”

This is one of my first and arguably my best poems.

Haves they are Noble in Name not in Deed/ Have-Nots are Noble in Deed and Indeed/ If not for the Have-Nots the Haves would not be/ If not for the Have-Nots the Haves they would Need.

At false appreciation Haves are adroit/ They have an innate talent of how to exploit/ When it comes to indifference Haves do not care/ Taxes are something that Have-Nots must Bear!

When Hard Work arrives Have-Nots must Drudge/ While Haves, who are Bosses, sit there and won’t Budge. Haves are oft most apt to succeed/ They don’t seem to care what Have-Nots may Need.

Haves they are Evil/Haves they are Mean/ Haves have the Power for Haves have the Greed. If Have-Nots all voted Haves would not Lead. / If Have-Nots revolt Haves oft must Flee / If Have-Nots get Angry Haves often Bleed/ For Have-Nots concerns Haves they should Heed/ Or when Have-Nots get Fed Up they may use Guill-o-tine.

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